Frequently Asked Questions

How does someone get to fish with Cast Hope?

All that’s necessary is submitting an application. Deserving applicants will be awarded one free day of guided fly fishing. Winners choose one friend or family member of their choice to bring along on the trip because Cast Hope values relationships and community -- it is our goal to create opportunities for youth and adults to bond through fly fishing. Once an applicant has been chosen, a guide from Cast Hope contacts him or her within 30 days of submission to coordinate trip details.

Already been fishing with Cast Hope? Then stay tuned as we do multiple fishing clinics every year. All veteran Cast Hope youth are welcome to join us at our summer Fish Fest, winter Super Fly fly tying event, small on-stream classes, conservation outings, watershed clean ups, and overnight camp outs. The best part is that we are going to hook up every youth and mentor with all of the necessary gear so they can fly fish on their own.

Who may apply?

We welcome anyone 10 years and older who is interested in fly fishing and is deserving of this incredible experience. We are very open-minded in our consideration process and love to hear about the special people out there: At Cast Hope, we love to hear the stories of amazing people, and we believe there’s something amazing in everyone. How will you tell your story?

Can I nominate someone?

Absolutely – please do! Fly fishing is a wonderful gift! Please consider Cast Hope a method of honoring, encouraging, or thanking a kid who deserves a day of care, joy, bonding, celebration, excitement, or perhaps relaxation. As you complete the application, do your best to help us understand what’s so amazing about this person and how he or she has impressed you.

I just won a trip. Who can I bring with me?

It is our mission to create an environment where bonding occurs and relationships are created or strengthened. Whether that relationship is parent and child, grandparent and grandchild, teacher and student, or mentor and mentee, we want to bring people together. Due to the complexity of the sport, the minimum age requirement is 10 years; minors must be permitted by parents and accompanied by an adult.

What does this cost?

Nothing! The only cost our clients incur is personal transportation to the meeting site and a California fishing license. We provide everything necessary for a day of guided fly fishing: rods and reels, flies, leaders, tippet, lunches, and drinks. It is expected that clients will bring their own personal items such as sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, etc.

What if I’ve never fly fished or I’m still a beginner?

No problem! Part of any guide’s job is teaching, and we have plenty of experience teaching beginners the ins and outs of fly fishing techniques. Cast Hope guides are patient teachers, excited to improve your skills. We know how to get any angler, even our beginners, into fish!

How can I support Cast Hope?

There are two ways you can support Cast Hope. One is through financial contributions, which can be made online or by mail. Click here to read more about how to donate. Also, you can support Cast Hope by volunteering; we value your time and talents! Click here to read more about volunteer opportunities. Both monetary and personal support helps to further the goals of this nonprofit organization.